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It. Was. A. Robot. Head.

9 July 1988
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I'm Kyo.
I'm wierd.
I'm also kinda cool in a dorky way.
I'm reeeeeeaaally NEEDY.
I am pretty much owned by SUPERNATURAL.
I'm a total slasher.
I go weak at the knees when Jensen Ackles sings.
I love vanilla coke and horror movies.
I'm a total geek.
I'm a proud Misha's Minion long live the overlord.
I play WOW like a mmaniac.
I fic therefore i am.
I have a MAJOR obsession with Bradley James and his crooked smile.
I have OCD obsessive castiel disorder.
I do not want to be cured.
I drink way too much sometimes and end up dancing on stages with nick :S
I have been to like 192745282917364 gigs and have a few war wounds to show for it.
I'm nice to almost everyone and almost never bite.
I'm FIERCELY protective of the people i love.
I have found my soulmate :)
I am far too trusting for my own good and iv had my heart stomped on a few times.
I have a lot problems probably never will be completely fixed too broken for that.
I love wierd qwirky movies and private jokes!
I would love to live in Japan for a year Konichiwa!
I would also love to live in Texas/Paris/Australia some strange places in europe too.
I can draw paint write sing... anything creative but anything else im pretty pathetic.
I REEEEAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY love the eurovision song contest.
I LOVE buffy onetreehill trueblood glee xfiles roswell ghostwhisperer and loads more.
I think Alexander Skarsgard is unnaturally hot.
I make this strange little humming noise when im really happy, im usually not aware of it.
I have rambled on like a fool so if theres anything you wanna know ill be shocked but ask.